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Advance Your Education, Kick Start Your Career

Apply Online to start the application process of being part of The Academy at Davis Health System. 


An Education Designed for the Individual

The Academy is designed for recently graduated high school students, ages 18-20, who aren't sure if a 4-year degree is a route they are ready to take, or for the individual who is unsure of their career path. Here at The Academy, we are all about figuring out the needs of the individual. 


6 Month Program

The Academy is designed as a 6-month program with instructional rotations in the following Davis Medical Center departments: Emergency Department, Information Technology, Maintenance, Medical Laboratory, Nursing, Physical Therapy, Registration, Radiology, Family Practice Clinic and Specialty Services Clinic.


You are Paid & Insured 

During your time at The Academy, if you are a 'Full Time' intern, you will receive health benefits, an hourly wage, PTO and all the perks of a full-time employee at Davis Health System.  If you are hired as a Part Time (PRN) Intern, you will make an hourly wage, but will not receive benefits. 


Individual Career Counseling

Each department has a designated counselor who will mentor you throughout your time in that area. At the end of the program, you will be evaluated to help determine which department fits best for your future career path. The evaluation will also determine if you are prepared for full-time placement.


Education Past The Academy 
Once a student’s evaluation has been completed, a department preference has been selected and they have been deemed eligible for hire, they will be given the opportunity to continue their education with financial assistance from Davis. 
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